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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: KinderPack

This is my full review of the KinderPack soft structured carrier. KinderPacks are made by a work at home mom company (known as a WAHM company), called KinderCarry. I have a standard size (fits 8mo-3yo) with KoolNit (a breathable panel for warm weather). The straps are the standard size with perfect fit adjusters.

I love my KinderPack! I thought nothing could be comfier than an Ergo until I got this (shows you what I knew when I started wearing). I am going to go through each part of the carrier to tell you how the construction makes it a great carrier.

The Straps:
What I love, is the shoulder straps are adjustable at both ends of the buckle on the webbing. So, first you have the padded portion (with perfect fit adjusters it's more adjustable here too), and then webbing, then the first part of the buckle with ability to adjust webbing there, then the other half of the buckle with ability to adjust webbing there, then the rest of the webbing, and it attaches to the body of the carrier. It totally got rid of any under arm rub that I experienced in the Ergo. It makes it comfy, and you can adjust so everything hits you in the right spot! The waist band is padded, with two more adjustable straps that buckle together. The double adjust on the waistband makes it more comfortable for pregnant and plus sized women to wear because than it won't make the buckle sit in a uncomfortable spot.
The Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) allow you to shorten the padded portion of the straps. PFAs are now standard on all KinderPacks, but if you buy used they may not be there. PFAs on plus size straps mean they can be shortened to standard length. PFAs on standard straps mean they can be tightened to be shorter than the petite length - because PFAs are now standard, she no longer makes petite straps. This all means that the same carrier can be shared between different sized wearers! So  a 6' 200lb man and a 5'5" 130lb woman, for example, can share the same carrier comfortably. KinderPacks are popular because they fit a wide range of body types, from thin and petite, to tall and plus sized.
The chest clip can be moved up and down so it is easier to snap together, and more comfortably placed. Both the shoulder and waist straps are well-padded. The padding on the newer carriers is thinner than the old padding, but no less supportive.

The Body:
I love the body of this carrier! This is the deepest seat I have ever seen in a SSC. Baby is definitely sitting in the carrier in the ideal knees above bum position. There is even padding at the edges to protect baby's legs from getting red marks. The way it is shaped to give you that seat, means that baby sits less tightly to you. This took some getting used to, but it was awesome in the hot summer. Most SSCs are built for a less tight hold anyway.
Some KinderPacks are made with a breathable panel to help keep baby from overheating in warm weather. She used to use SolarVeil, but recently switched to KoolNit. I used to own a KinderPack with SolarVeil, but now I have a Kool Nit one. I actually prefer the KoolNit because it is more durable, and won't sag over time. If you are planning to wear baby in weather over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, than I highly recommend getting a KinderPack with KoolNit (or SolarVeil). A carrier with a breathable panel can be used all year round, just dress baby appropriately for the weather and use a carrier cover in the winter.
 Most KinderPacks come with hoods (if you are buying used you may want to double check with the seller if this feature is important to you). The KinderPack has a small headrest at the top of the carrier, this unsnaps to reveal a pocket that stretches down the body of the carrier. The hood is turned inside out and tucked inside. You can reach in to pull out the hood, or tuck it away when not it use. Most hoods are aviator style with two pieces of fabric. The KoolNit hoods are flat - yes, the KoolNit carriers have KoolNit hoods!

KinderPacks are generously, and fairly accurately sized. The infant adjustable size is one of the only SSCs that is regularly recommended for newborn use, because it has an adjustable width so you always get the proper knee to knee coverage! It is the only adjustable KinderPack, because in their first year a baby triples in size. Something I find interesting, the Ergo is both shorter and skinnier than the infant sized KinderPack, yet Ergo claims it can be used until 3yo. I was only able to use the Ergo for months 6-14. Funny how manufacturers like to stretch the truth - Ergo isn't the only company who claims their carrier can be used like that. KinderPack sizing is honest. You can stretch it a bit, but you will get the best fit when you use the instructed size. Never buy too big, because your baby will swim in it - they are made big to last.

KinderPacks are made by a work at home mom. She stocks her store every two weeks with new prints. Sometimes they sell out fast, other times they linger until she puts them on sale. Every few weeks there are preorders of certain prints. The best way to keep up with what is coming next is to join the Facebook or Yahoo group associated with the company. She previews her stockings beforehand on those sites, and answers questions posted there. Others will post pictures of their children in the carriers too, so you can get a sense of how your baby will fit.
If the cost seems prohibitive (they are so worth it though!),  look into buying one used. There is a Facebook group, http://www.facebook.com/KinderpackFSOT that has KinderPack for sale. Also take a look at babywearing swaps, such as the ones on The Babywearer forum, Baby Center groups, DiaperSwappers, and Facebook's Babywearing Swap group.


  1. great post! awesome insight. thanks :)

  2. Thank you for this awesome review! Any chance you considered the Tula? Or ... what made you choose this carrier over others?

    1. Tula wasn't as popular as it is now when I got my first KinderPack :)I have been a little Tula curious though, and plan to borrow one from my local BWI chapter soon to try out. I chose KinderPack for a few reasons:
      1) Excellent reviews - I hadn't heard one negative review of them! Now I know not every SSC fits everyone, but these still seem to fit most people well.
      2) Larger body. The little one I watched at the time could lean very far out of the Ergo, and she was only a year old! I knew I'd need something larger to last (and the KP certainly has!)
      3) Fairly easy to get: There were several other WAHM brands that may have suited my needs, but KinderPacks were much easier to get a hold of
      4) Breathable panel: I overheat very easily, so the idea of a mesh panel appealed greatly