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Friday, June 8, 2012


So, I have really gotten into babywearing recently. Let's do a tally:

  1. Hot Mama Ink Pouch Sling
  2. Maya Wrap Ring Sling
  3. Ergo Baby SSC (Soft Structured Carrier)
  4. Two homemade stretchy wraps
  5. Boba (Sleepy) Stretchy Wrap
  6. SevenSlings Pouch
  7. Didymos Woven Wrap
  8. Zolowear Mesh Ring Sling
  9. Two K'tan Double Pouch Sling/Wrap
  10. Two KinderPacks
=13 carriers, 14 if you count the Sakura Bloom Linen Ring Sling I'm waiting for. I would probably cry if I totaled how much I spent.

My mother has threatened to confiscate my computer and take control of my bank account! I do need to sell one KP (wrong size), both K'tans (wrong sizes), and both homemade wraps (I never use them). If I thought the SevenSlings would sell, I'd sell that one too. 

I desperately want a CatBird Mei Tai, but I have no use for it in this heat. I will refrain myself until late Sept when it starts to cool down.

Babywearing has been so useful with a baby and toddler (now two toddlers). I am able to take them on the bus, train, and into stores that I could never fit into with the double. If you want to babywear, I highly recommend looking up safety info. Here are my links:

http://www.hipdysplasia.org/Developmental-Dysplasia-Of-The-Hip/Prevention/Baby-Carriers-Seats-and-Other-Equipment/Default.aspx -they don't do a great job of illustrating, but keep in mind that baby's knees should be higher than her bum! No "crotch danglers" need apply! (I'm talking to you, Bjorn!)


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