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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mutsy EasyRider Review

This is my review from Amazon.com
I needed a stroller that I could easily use on the bus and train, that also had a decent recline on it for naps. Unfortunately most lightweight strollers have either no recline or a two inch one. I found this on sale (more than half off!) on Amazon and bought it. It was hard to find reviews on this stroller, as Mutsy is not a well known brand in the states, but it turned out to be perfect for my needs!

-They are tall handles! That was something else I needed as I am 5'7" and the other adults who'd be using the stroller are both taller than me. Also, they are well padded, making it extremely comfortable to grip. I was getting so tired of hunching over the short handles on the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine.

-A tall seat! Perfect for the 2.5yr old (at 95th percentile in height) who rides in it. It is well-padded for comfort - I would love a ride in this thing. The seat is equipped with a 5pt padded harness that is easy for an adult to do, but not easy for a bored toddler to get.

It has a wonderful recline that is very nearly flat. The manufacturer says it is for 3mo+, but with the addition of Summer Infant Snuzzler - Black it should be fine for a newborn. It is a strap recline, which I am not to fond of, and it takes a bit of pressure to get the seat up (w/out the child in it).

There is also an adjustable leg rest that is so nice for that in between age where baby's legs dangle off the edge of the seat, but don't make it down to the footrest. Exactly where my 11mo old rider is. Also nice for napping. And speaking of the footrest, it is not that flimsy, easily-stretched rubber that comes on most umbrella strollers, but rather a thicker, less saggy material

-The wheels are small, but mighty. The small single front wheels allow the stroller to maneuver easily through tight spaces, and the ride is so smooth! Also it easily rides over cracks that cause lesser strollers to stop suddenly. There is a one-touch brake that is so easy to do, and it is flip-flop friendly to undo too! You do have to use the top of your foot, but it is a simple flick. The front wheels can lock straight for rougher terrain.

-A good size for an umbrella stroller. Impossible to get to if seat is fully relined though.

Decent shade for a lightweight stroller, not terrific, but better that most l/w strollers. It has a peek-a-boo window that is mesh. I love that! The only problem with it is that there are 3 pieces of VERY noisy velcro affixed to it. I plan on removing the velcro and attaching some magnets instead. The canopy velcros to the back of the seat, and will stay on even as the seat is reclined. I bought the Protect-a-Bub Single Compact Sunshade, Black to use with this stroller.

-It has an automatic lock. That is the only good thing about the folding mechanism. It takes two hands and a foot to close the stroller...a pain in the you know where. You have to lift a lever, lift a latch, and simultaneously push up on a button with your foot. It isn't hard to figure out or do, but it is annoying. Unfolding is much easier, simply lift the automatic latch and push the stroller open, then step down on a button. You have to use a bit of force to get it to snap open, and the stroller rolls away while you're stepping - again, annoying. While I love that the brakes are so easy to do, unfortunately they do not work while the stroller is closed, so it is hard to balance the stroller upright.

-This stroller has a very sturdy construction. The frame is strong and sleek, and the fabric is comfortable and very durable. This stroller should last a long time, and through many children.

The stroller does not come with a cup-holder, but I bought a Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer, Black that works really well with it. The stroller also did not come with a rain cover, which I thought it was supposed to, but I bought Sashas Rain and Wind Cover for Mutsy EasyRider Single Stroller which is a terrific one. Another thing that bothers me is that the center of gravity is heavily weighted to the back. Meaning that I can not hang the diaper bag from the back without tipping it.

Aside from the folding annoyances, I really love this stroller. I would buy it again at full price. It is sturdy, attractive, and turns on a dime.

UPDATE 3mo later:
- We still love this stroller, but have found that baby gets hot in warmer weather in here (I'm talking low 70s, not even summer weather). I bought the Meeno Baby Cool Me Seat Liner Stroller - Silver, and that has helped tremendously.
- I have also found that the basket holds more than I thought. It is smaller in the front section, but you can pile things in - and they can stay there while seat is reclined (you just won't be able to get them.)
- We have had some problems with the stroller starting to tip if I put too much hanging off the back of the stroller and we are on a bus with a driver who makes quick stops. Other than that, no problems!


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