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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Nanny: Carseat Help

Dear Nanny,

We have a 2yr old boy and are expecting a baby girl next month. We want to buy a new "girly" cover for our very boy looking car seat. Do you have any recommendations of where to find a good one?

One and Counting!


Dear One and Counting,

While I understand your difficulty (who can resist all of those cute baby girl prints?), I have to caution you against your plan. Adding anything to your car seat that did not come with it is extremely dangerous. This is because it was not crash tested with the seat, and may compromise the safety and integrity of the seat. Even items that claim to be crash tested for safety (read JJ Cole BundleMe), can compromise your seat because while it may have been crash tested, who is to say it was tested in your particular seat? These items can affect the fit of the seat on the child, or the overall safety.

Do not lose hope yet! Some car seat manufacturers allow you to buy swap kits for the car seat to change the pattern. Call the manufacturer of your seat to see if they do the same. If not you may be able to find someone (only if they have the exact same seat) to swap covers with. For example switching the cover of your SnugRide 22 for another SnugRide 22, but not a SnugRide 22 for a SnugRide 35. I would check with the manufacturer before doing even that though.

Hope this helps!

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