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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Newborn Layette

About Layette
Layette is fun to buy. Instead of telling you brands, all you have to do is find the cutest clothes and buy them. Here are some great fabrics:
  • 100% cotton is popular in baby clothing because cotton is natural, breathable, absorbent, and strong.
  • Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular because it is a sustainable textile, it can manage moisture, is naturally soft, and naturally anti-microbial. Bamboo is great for the basics.
  • Merino wool is a nice outer layer in cooler weather. It can regulate temperature, manage moisture, is non-allergenic, and a natural fire retardant
  • Fleece is moisture wicking, dries quickly, and resists most stains. A great outer layer in colder weather.

What to Buy and How Much

  • 6-8 side-snap shirts, 0-3mo
  • 2 newborn or 0-3mo light-weight hats
  • 4 pairs of socks or booties, newborn size
  • 5-7 onesies in the 0-3mo size
  • 4-7 gowns or sleepers, 0-3mo
  • 4-7 outfits, 0-3mo
  • Homecoming outfit, newborn size
  • 2 pairs of no-scratch mittens
  • 4 large swaddling blankets and/or 2 sleep sacks
  • 4 bibs
  • 4-7 burpcloths
  • 10 washcloths
Cold Weather:
  • Bunting/Coat/Carrier Cover
  • Thick hat
Sunny Weather:
  • Sun hat/bonnet
  • Sunglasses

Temperature and Layers
Babies under six months lack the ability to self regulate their temperatures. This means that they need to be dressed appropriately for the temperature, and you will need to carry an extra blanket with you all year round.

The rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one more layer than what you wear, but if you are always hot or cold, than this might not work for you. Here is a general guide:
65°F and under: 3-4 layers - diaper and undershirt or onesie, sleeper or gown, hat, and an outer layer appropriate for the temperature (ie: sweater, bunting, winter stroller cover)
65-68°F: 3 layers - diaper and undershirt or onesie, sleeper or gown, and a swaddling blanket or sleep sack. While baby is awake you can use a light hat.
69-74°F: 2 layers - diaper and undershirt or onesie; sleeper, gown, blanket, or sleep sack
75-79°F: 1-2 layers - diaper and undershirt, onesie, sleeper, or gown
80-84°F: 1 layer: diaper and undershirt or onesie
85°F+: Just a diaper, and a fan wouldn't hurt either...

Clothing sizing for babies is done by age. They use the average weight and length of a baby for each age group. Unfortunately, not all babies are average. They all grow at different rates. Some babies spend all of three weeks in the 0-3mo size, while others won’t leave that size until they are five months. It is frustrating because trying to squish your children into too small clothes can stunt growth, while putting too big of clothes on can twist around the baby or cover their faces and suffocate them.

Notes About Newborns
People love to buy teeny tiny baby clothes, and they love to buy in the newborn size. Unfortunately, babies grow out of the newborn size quickly, and some babies never fit in them. If you put layette items on your registry, make sure they are 6mo+ items or else you will end up with 50 newborn outfits and no 9-12mo outfits.

To see my full layette guide, go to http://www.amazon.com/gp/richpub/syltguides/fullview/R2A7D1P7CX3CXR/ref=

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