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Monday, July 2, 2012

Keeping Cool in the Heat

Wading Pool from Babies R Us
As we are now in yet another 90+ degree week here in Chicago (today was the coolest at 94), I thought it would be appropriate to talk about keeping baby cool outdoors. Over 90 degrees is too hot for a baby or young child to be outside, especially for longer than a half hour. Young children overheat very easily. Yet, staying inside all day will make anyone stir-crazy, so I am going to list some tips, products, and ideas for staying cool.


  • Infants under 6mo cannot wear sunscreen. SPF/UPF clothing could be worn, as well as hats, sunglasses, and stroller shades.
  • Over 6mo, your child should wear sunscreen even if it's cloudy. Always use a hat and sunglasses, even eyes can get sunburns!
  • Children should be kept mainly in the shade to help prevent overheating
  • Hand your child their water to drink. If you just ask, then you can be sure a two-three year old will say "No" just to be contrary. Offer water rather than juice or milk
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother, than you are in luck! Your body is making milk that is more watery in the hot weather to keep baby from dehydrating. Do not try this with formula without asking your pediatrician. Do not offer an infant a bottle filled with water.
  • Use a washcloth or wipes on baby's neck, head, feet, and wrists to help keep them cool.
  • Plan trips to the library, baby classes, story time at bookstores, and to a mall to get your little one out of the house without exposing them to the heat for longer than it takes to go from car to building.
  • Set up a water table, baby pool, or sprinkler to keep kids cool. Toddlers love to fill and dump, so add some cups to make it fun. A half inch of water is perfect for laying a small baby in in the shade. Please read my drowning post prior to any water activities. If it's too hot or you have no yard, than play in the tub for awhile or set up some pans and cups on a towel on the kitchen floor or sidewalk.
  • Meeno Baby Stroller Seat Liner - really works! We have one and it is fantastic! Obviously, on very hot days baby will sweat anyway, but it really cuts down on overheating. Get a light color to keep baby cool.
  • Protect a Bub Sunshade extension - Extends the shade on your stroller to completely cover baby. Get a lighter color to keep the shade from absorbing heat.
  • DreamBaby Stroller Fan - A clip-on, battery operated fan. The reviews are not great, but so far I haven't found anything better. I just bought one.
  • TogetherBe Peekaru Ozone - blocks 95% of UVA/UVB rays. Great for those too little for sunblock. Fits over carrier, car seat, or stroller.
  • Coolibar UPF 50+ Sun Blanket - Great for those too little for sunscreen. This company also makes hats and sun suits with UPF protection.
  • BabyBanz - Sunglasses that can't be pulled off! For newborns through the toddler years.
  • 3 Foot Wading Pool - At $6 what's not to like?
  • Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Center - This one is nice because it has an umbrella that can be raised and lowered.

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  1. Little ones love water play. I always found that tub/pool time calmed and soothed baby too. Supervision is the key-never turn your head-I learned the hard way when I was at the baby pool with my 18 month old-I sitting on the side 3 ft away from baby-turned by head to answer a question-turned back to see him underwater! Luckily he was fine-loved water and wasn't scared-didn't even cry-but my heart was beating like mad!
    Mom of Five